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    You select the number of days  and your travel style: private (independent),  escorted, or flexible, a combination of both. 


    After planning together your itinerary, travel on your pace; we’ll handle all transfers, car rentals, accommodations, activities, payments, etc. Click below for details and pricing.


    Click here to view some suggested tours and learn about our personalized service. Or click below to start customizing your own trip. We travel with one group at a time.


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    Ask us anything you want, about travel, food, history, culture, activities; no obligation!

    Why Custom Greece Tours 


    We select and vet all our suppliers, especially lodging places; we negotiate directly with our suppliers, ask for no commission, and pay them as soon as we get paid.


    Price transparency with every service itemized and described in detail. Clear Prices, Terms & Conditions in plain language, including cancellation fees. 


    Ability to change daily itineraries without penalties, if you change your mind. See Prices, Terms & Conditions for details and limitations.


    You can call us anytime when in Greece, locally. No bots, no voicemail menus, no third party service.

     If you have the time and the means spend two weeks in Greece; one visiting two-three mainland  regions and one cruising one of the island groups. 


    Mainland Greece regions: Peloponnese, Central Greece, Epirus, Thessaly Macedonia, Thrace

    Click the button below to find more info about mainland locations and choose the regions you want to visit.


    Island groups of Greece: Cyclades, Dodecanese, Crete, Ionian, North Aegean, Sporades, Argosaronic + Kythira

    Click the button below to find more info about private sailing  and choose the island group you are interested.

    Get a sense of our unique level of service by reviewing the suggested tours below:

    Peloponnese is the region with the oldest history that merges with myth.  Full of historic places that cover 3500 years of history and culture. Enjoy wine from family wineries, olive oil from local trees, summer sports, and delicious food.


    Explore the Pindus mountain range region while resting at stunning lodgings. Marvel at  Zagoria, Tzoumerka, Metsovo, Meteora, and Mt. Olympus. Full of villages with authentic rustic beauty, artisans, and delicious food.

    Visit one of the most iconic island towns in Greece, plus enjoy the coastal beauty of Corfu. Then drive into the mountains and marvel at towns and villages with authentic rustic beauty. Delicious food and activities to burn the calories!

    Looking for something different, always private;  we can set you up for

    For the latest Covid-19 travel info for Greece, click the link below:

    Greece Travel Info

    All hotel/lodgings, transport and sailboat operators  selected adhere to WHO protocols.

    With endless custom trip  itineraries you’ll be able to…


    • …visit villages and towns with unique culture, history, and myth.

    • …enjoy wonderful, tasty and minimally processed food, fruits and vegetables.

    • …sail the 6,000 plus islands doting the Aegean and Ionian seas.

    • …admire the rugged mountain ranges with rivers, lakes, and gorges. 

    • …experience multiple climates (mediterranean, alpine and temperate on the mainland).

    • …marvel the 10,000 miles of  jagged coastline and peninsulas jutting into the Mediterranean.

    On March 25, 2021 Greece  celebrated its Bicentennial. 

    Greeks are very grateful to the many Europeans and Americans who supported in various ways the Greek independence effort.

    Lord Byron arriving in Missolonghi

    Lord Byron fought with the Greeks in the second siege of Missolonghi and died of malaria complications on 19 April 1824.

    Declaration of Greek independence in Kalavryta, on 25 March 1821

    Greece, land of contrasts

    Spruce forest in Drama, Northern Greece
    Palm tree forest on the south coast of Crete island
    Mt. Parnassus ski resort
    Crete - Elafonisi bay

    "It takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece, but it only takes an instant to fall in love with her."

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