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Affordable luxury vacations

Enjoy all the beauty of Greece at affordable prices, without sacrificing comforts; experience all of the diversity that Greece has to offer, without the trappings of mass tourism. We’re not a “package travel” reseller. Every trip is planned carefully around your desires, vetted by a family, who has your best interests at heart. 


Choose Private Travel  and journey at your own pace. We’ll handle lodgings, transfers, car rentals, activities, payments, etc. 

Private travel service includes:

  • Detailed daily itinerary with timetable, on your own private webpage.
  • Hotels/lodgings reservations; with the view, amenities and comforts you desire.
  • Car rentals and airport transfers reservations.
  • We handle all required pre-payments/payments; cost of all services is itemized, along with cancellation deadlines. 
  • Optimized driving route
  • Best walking paths for large historic sites.
  • Description all places, sites visited, plus activities.
  • List of restaurants and tavernas.
  • Cultural details and idiosyncrasies of Greeks.

Total cost: multiply our fee by the number the days you stay overnight in Greece.

This service is provided for a fee of  €100/day  for a group of up to six people.

For larger groups, please contact us.

100 EUR equals 106 USD or 143 CAD

 For more information, please read our Prices, Terms and Conditions.

Payments accepted in Euros, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars; prices are fixed at the exchange rate on the date of each payment. 

Steps for Private Travel  service

  • As soon as we receive your inquiry form we’ll contact you to customize your private tour together.
  • Start by learning your expectations and matching them to a great itinerary.
  • We’ll take as much time as needed to finalize your trip to fit your expectations.
  • Begin email exchanges, followed by a couple of video calls.
  • You’ll receive cost and rough trip schedule, with places, sites.
  • After agreement proceed with registration and  deposit payment.
  • Upon receipt of your deposit we’ll issue the first detailed itinerary advice.
  • Once first itinerary is finalized we’ll proceed with all reservations. 
  • Final payment is due 60 days before departure; you can make partial payments anytime prior to the deadline.
  • After payment you’ll receive the  final itinerary advice, within 48-72 hours.
  • It includes: hotel/lodgings descriptions, routes and daily sightseeing stops, sites, activities, meal and cancellation/refund info.
  • We can offer assistance with airline tickets. 

We accommodate people with food allergies or dietary restrictions. 

We select restaurants that feature meals (salads, appetizers, main plates and desserts/fruits), made with the best fresh and mostly local produced ingredients, all non-GMO. No short-cuts by offering “special meal packages”.

There will be  hospital lists throughout the itinerary route. For our US friends on Medicare, please be aware that it does not cover you outside the US, so you’ll need a travel insurance plan.

 There will be Wi-Fi available at all dwellings and your iPad, laptop and even US smartphone will have no problem connecting to the internet through the Wi-Fi.


Click for info on “Hotel Star System” in Europe

Let’s create your custom itinerary; you are only a few steps away from an unforgettable private family trip.

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