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Since March 2020 we are operating as a virtual travel advisor

our services

Private travel is what the industry calls FIT (i.e. Flexible Independent Travel).

We plan together your entire trip, make reservations and payments for car rentals, lodgings, and activities; you travel unescorted, but with local  support. You can call us directly; there are no bots, emails, or third party support. Click below for more info.

We specialize in tours for families or small groups of no more than 6 people. This gives us the flexibility not only to give you an exceptional personal service, but also to take you places accessible by AWD or small van. Click below for more info.

In addition to Private and Escorted Travel, which we support 100%, we offer assistance in finding the following services:

These are villas at unique locations, usually on the islands, and beautifully appointed. They can accommodate up to 8-10 people. We get a finder’s fee from the owner and they supply all support. Click below for more info.

Similar services as with villa rentals; operators give  all support and usually require a week long reservation. Click below for more info.