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Why Custom Greece Tours?

Myth, history, mountains and sea delivered by a Greek-American family.

The most ideal way to enjoy a visit to a foreign country is to be accompanied by a friend or relative familiar with the language and the culture – in other words, a native. This extra bonus lets you, the traveler, absorb the country’s  history and culture without the worry and stress of trying to manage on your own. You will get a completely authentic travel experience, by eliminating the “cattle chute” or one size fits all type of tourism.

Custom Greece Tours…

… focuses on families and small groups of six people max. Using 8 or 9 passenger minivans ensures that you have ample space and enjoy a comfortable ride. Also larger vans can’t reach some spectacular places that most foreign visitors miss out.

You’ ll  enjoy, trek and hike, visit caves,  snorkel and scuba dive, even ski in the winter–all tailored to your preference.

You can visit rural olive groves and experience the gathering and the pressing of olives as they are being taken for processing, visit sheep and cattle farms,  and fruit tree groves. You can stay at farms overnight, participate in their daily routines and eat the “fruits of the land”;  you’ll be amazed at the taste of minimally processed food.

and don't forget relaxation and sun...

Food is the glue that keeps  family, the nucleus of Greek society and culture, together. Meze (appetizer) is the best way to appreciate it. Meze is made from vegetables and fish/seafood, accompanied by wine or ouzo. 

Meze varies by the time of year (tomatoes are the tastiest in the summer) and location (mainland or seaside). You will enjoy some of the best  appetizers during your stay.

Look over our recommended destinations or use the locations to select places you want to visit.

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