Central Greece

Stretching from the Ionian sea to the island of Evia in the Aegean sea,

Central Greece is full of historical landmarks and monuments, exciting hiking trails, national parks, beaches with turquoise waters, ski resorts;  mountain and seaside villages, with traditional customs and flavours.

Beautiful settlements with a long history

Messolonghi: Historic town of the Greek indepence war, famous for its lagoon.

Karpenisi: The main town of Evrytania is an ideal winter destination near the ski centre of Velouhi. Stylish hotels, traditional restaurants and tiny cafes welcome you to this lively town.In Evrytania, you can visit the Panta Vrehei (‘It is always raining’) Gorge, a magical place full of lakes, waterfalls, caves and dense vegetation.

Korishades: Traditional stone houses, trees, picturesque streets and the Museum of the National Resistance adorn the most beautiful village of Evrytania.

Galaxidi: The tiny port of Galaxidi has a special charm thanks to its many attractive sea-captains’ houses and wonderful maritime museum.

Amphissa: A noble city that boasts the old quarter district of Charmena and an imposing castle, as well as traditional cafes and Vagonetto, a unique theme park that tells the story of extracting bauxite.

Arahova: Cosmopolitan Arahova, below the ski resort of Parnassos, is popular for winter holidays – before or apres ski.

Delphi: considered the navel of the world by the ancient Greeks. The archaeological site – with the temple of Apollo, the Castalia Fountain, stadium, theater and the adjacent museum – is one of the most important in Greece. 

Mt Parnassos, known as the “Mountain of the Light” and a renowned National Park, is home to thick forests of black pine and Kefalonian fir and dozens of trails, as well as the famous Corycian Cave, where the Nymphs and the Greek god Pan were worshipped during antiquity

The other side of Mt Parnassos: Polidrosos, Ancient Lilea, Tithorea, Amphiklia and Gravia (with the famous “Hani of Gravia”) are just a few of the attractions hidden on the other side of the mountain.

Chalkida: Ideal for a weekend getaway. Its trademarks are the Euripus Strait and the old bridge, as well as a wonderful esplanade with fish tavernas and cafes.

Edipsos: You’ll discover a Belle Epoque atmosphere in one of the most timeless spas in Greece.


Central Greece consists of the following prefectures:

Aetolia-Acarnania, Evrytania, Fokida, Fthiotida, Viotia, and Evia.


Astakos - View from port
Mytikas - Panoramic view
Amphilochia bay
Vonitsa - panoramic view from port
Messolonghi - Garden of Heroes
Messolonghi - lagoon sunset
Messolonghi - Ag. Symeon

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Nafpaktos - view from port
Nafpaktos - View from castle
Naval battle of Lepanto

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Learn about the battle of Lepanto (Nafpaktos)


Karpenisi - panoramic view
Karpenisi - Mikro Horio
Karpenisi - Velouchi peak
Karpenisi - view from restaurant
Karpenisi - Fidakia village
Karpenisi - Korischades village

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Karpenisi - Mikro Horio
Karpenisi - Megalo Horio
Karpenisi - Kleidi pass
Karpenisi - Panta Vrehi gorge

Watch drone video on Karpenisi - Kleidi pass

Vardousia range - view from Artotina village
Vardousia range - Soufles peak


Delphi - site rendering during Roman times
Delphi - Treasure of the Athenians
Delphi - Stadium
Delphi - Sphinx of Naxos
Delphi - column with three dancers
Delphi - navel of earth
Delphi - Dome

Delphi was one of the most important sites in Ancient Greece, known throughout the mediterranean world; spectacular museum.

Delphi - Serpentine column
Delphi - Temple of Apollo
Delphi - Theater

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Galaxidi - panoramic view
Galaxidi - port at dusk

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Parnassos - jet skiing
Parnassos ski slopes

Read more about Parnassos Ski Center

Amfissa - Panoramic view
Amfissa - Traditional taverna

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Lamia - Castle entrance
Lamia - Castle with museum on to at night
Lamia - Spercheios valey at Kastri
Lamia - Spercheios valley at Makrakomi
Lamia - Agathonos monastery
Lamia - Ypati baths source springs

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Livadia - Creek at night
Livadia - Castle tower

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Thebes - new archaelogical musuem
Thebes - inside new museum

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"Abbildung der Festung und Stadt Negroponte" (View of the fortress and town of Chalkis; in German)
Modern Chalkis
Chalkis - Roman aquaduct
Aidipsos - panoramic view
Karystos - castle
Town of Kimi
Ag. Georgios bay
Avlonari - watchtower
Evia - St.Demetrios church in Avlonari
Evia - Stira

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